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Community First Programs



Reliance has always been committed to serving the surrounding community. Accordingly, Reliance has been instrumental in creating or assisting with various Community Outreach Programs designed to ensure that all community members have access to quality healthcare and services. Through its educational seminars, on-site health fairs, and free preventative health screenings, Reliance has reached out to local schools, businesses, churches, and social organizations to spread the word about preventative healthcare measures and encourage regular check-ups.

Reliance has initiated an educational and preventative information-sharing audio visual project entitled “What’s Up Doc,” a community health-education television series aired on local public cable television.

If interested, Reliance can coordinate a health fair at your establishment, including preventative health screenings, such as blood pressure screenings, body fat analysis, cholesterol checks, and diabetes screenings.

Additionally, Reliance offers assistance to local residents with enrolling into the “New Jersey Family Care Program,” a state-sponsored insurance program available at no cost for uninsured individuals, or at low cost for income-earning individuals. In doing so, Reliance has been responsible for helping acquire health insurance coverage for an untold number of children and residents who were previously uninsured.


Community Healthcare Partners

Reliance has been integral in forming “Community Healthcare Partners” (“CHP”), a group of local community health providers and others who have joined together in an effort to improve the quality of healthcare within the Atlantic County area (i.e., Atlantic City), while also achieving other goals.  CHP has sponsored/attended several community functions and continues to participate in various events.

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